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Automate your Compliance processes

  • Manage the relationship with your Third Parties.
  • Online due diligence on lists and bases.
  • Automatic classification according to your risk matrix.
  • Concentrate documentation and due dates.
  • Your teams collaborating on the same information.

The perfect match for your organization

Online Onboarding
of Third Parties

Matrix & Risk

Checks in National &
International Databases

and Expirations


Reports &

Reduce the amount
of Exchanged Emails

Kick-off in
Two Days

Frictionless Third-Party Onboarding.

All your suppliers, customers, and partners will complete your onboarding forms online, so they are not in different isolated files shared by email. All in one place. Verdana adapts to your data model, without friction.

Risk Management & Automated Classification

  • Customized risk matrix
    Your criteria, your matrix. Verdana adapts.
  • Third Party classification
    Based on your matrix and information provided by the Third Party.
  • Mitigation actions according to risk
    Define the actions for each type of risk.
  • Cross-check in databases & international lists (PEP, GAFI, etc.)
    Based on the frequency you want. Automatically.

Document management & due date alarms

  • Document protocol
    Certificates, code of conducts, everything you need from them.
  • Alarms for each due date
    Receive notifications before the expiry date.
  • Dashboard and KPIs
    Control tower to overview every part.
  • Activity traceability
    Who and when uploaded, remove, or approve a document.

Compliance made easy.

Compliance made easy.

Compliance made easy.

Compliance made easy.

Compliance made easy.

Automated Risk Management.

Automated Risk Management.

Automated Risk Management.

Automated Risk Management.

Automated Risk Management.


We work together to set the objectives.

Each organization is unique.


We create a training program.

We design a program according to your needs.


We plan and conduct the training.

We provide fast shipping, either virtually or in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compliance and why is it important for my company?

Corporate Compliance is the self-governance system that a company designs and implements to prevent, detect, mitigate and respond to breaches of regulations or internal standards of conduct.

Having a robust, reasonable and adequate Compliance Program according to the size, economic capacity and sector of the company is a priority to contribute to the success of the business and its sustainability in the long term. A solid system contributes to increase the confidence of third parties and their stakeholders.

By implementing an effective management of a Compliance Program, risks can be identified and mitigated, thus strengthening the reputation and creating value for the company and improving the trust of its customers and business partners.

What types of tools does your platform offer?

Our platform has tools such as due diligence automation, classification of your third parties according to risk in an easy and efficient way, generation of customizable reports, mitigation actions, and maturity alerts.

In addition, we offer a platform for training and educational resources to carry out Compliance trainings quickly and with record keeping. The intuitive interface and customized training design ensure that the platform adapts to the specific needs of each company.

How can I integrate your platform with my existing systems?

Integration with existing systems is easy thanks to our flexible APIs and compatibility with a wide range of enterprise software. Whether you use ERP, CRM or human resource management systems, our platform can synchronize efficiently, enabling a seamless transition of data and processes.

We offer technical support to ensure successful integration and customize solutions to suit your specific business configurations, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

How can Verdana help my company comply with regulations specific to my industry?

Our platform offers customized solutions for various industries, ensuring compliance with regulations and legal requirements, as well as best practices in Anti-Corruption and Bribery.

It offers tools for risk assessment, compliance monitoring and detailed reporting, among others.

How do you ensure data security and privacy on your platform?

Data security and privacy are a priority on our platform. We use advanced encryption protocols and continuous security measures to protect the information stored.

We comply with international data privacy regulations ensuring that data is handled in a responsible and transparent manner.

We conduct regular security audits and maintain a strict access control policy to ensure the security of information and access.

Compliance management platform.